In April 2023, I bought my first Ebike for commuting.

My LBS sells Specialized. I went there to buy a Turbo Vado 3.0, and walked out with a Turbo Vado 5.0 IGH, but at a good price.

The bike has changed my commute, completely!

I wanted it, because I wanted to reduce the time I had to share the road with cars on my way to work and back home. Turns out that if you have an ebike, going a longer way, or more up hills, doesn't matter, and so I now almost completely avoid cars, altogether. Success!

And I use the Turbo Vado as a gravel bike, doing long-ish rides on the local hills, including trails that I probably should not ride with this bike. But hey.


The Turbo Vado came with SRAM G2 RS brakes. Those are horrible. I tried Galfer pads, but they were still horrible.

So I now have a Dominion A4 front brake and rotor, which helps a lot.
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