The successor to my first MTB (the Vitus Sentier 29 VR) I built with the Pole Taival M frame so both, my daughter and I, could ride it. The Taival M frame is about the same length (reach & chain stay) as the Vitus, but it is a good deal lower.

The Taival on the first ride

The first ride on the Taival was brilliant!

The steel frame feels much more supple than the Vitus' aluminium frame did, and due to the length, the Taival feels more stable, too.

Way easier to ride fast down hills. Way more fun!


All the parts come from the Vitus, except for the dropper post, which I had to buy, the headset, which came with the frame, and the bottom bracket, which was making creaking noises on the Vitus, so I bought a new one.

The Taival frame

This is what the bike looked like two days before I started riding it.

Partly assembled Taival
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