In 2017, my neighbour Kevin convinced me to try mountain biking. I did, and it stuck.


I bought a Vitus Sentier 29 VR back in 2017. In 2019, my neighbour Kev gave me his old Salsa Mukluk for some time. In 2020, I replaced the Vitus' XL frame with a size M Pole Taival, so my daughter can ride, too. And I built a fatbike myself, based on a Pole Taiga frame.


My favourite trail at the moment is the Blauen Ridge Trail, a rocky path along the ridge of the Blauen hills, south of here. Perfect for a fat bike.

Kev on the Blauen Ridge Trail

I also like going up and back down the Gempen, East of here. Here is an example on Strava.

And we have some ok local trails, such as Grenzpfad 3, Benkenspitz single down, and St-brice trail tech part (to which you get by riding up what we call "endless ascend" and "horrible hill", but it is totally worth it!)

One of my best rides was on a company fat bike with colleagues from the Adobe office in Lehi. A spectacular ride!

And during the whole period of working from home due to Corona, I take pictures when I ride, and I add them to this thread on Twitter.
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